Ammunition wagon for 120mm Krupp howitzers





The field howitzers batteries armed with 120mm not quick-firing Krupp howitzers were equipped with an ammunition wagon of German pattern. It was composed by the limber and the caisson, and was drawn by a team of six horses. The limber looked like the limber of the field artillery gun. It carried 16 rounds placed horizontally, and was divided into two superposed rows, each containing eight rounds. The shrapnel were placed into the nests of the upper row, and the shells into the nests of the lower row. Since the cast iron shells were shorter than the steel ones, a bottom was put behind them.


The caisson was composed by an axle with two wheels, a chest, two support beams, two chest girders, a base sheet, a brake mechanism, and miscellaneous hardware. The brake mechanism was the old Krupp brake with brake traverse bar, iron brake pads and threaded spindle. The chest was divided into two compartments, whose inner arrangement was like that of the gun limber.


The caisson carried :

-     12 common shells, 8 in the shelves of the lower row of the back section, and 4 in the shelves of the lower row of the front section;

-     20 shrapnel with fuzes, in the remaining shelves;

-     32 cartidges with a charges of 0.9 + 0.6 kg, in pairs upon the shelves of the projectiles;

-     40 primers, in 2 sheet boxes put into the ignition chests;

-     15 percussion fuzes for heavy projectiles, in 3 sheet boxes put into the ignition chests;

-     24 screw bolts for time and percussion fuzes, in 4 sheet boxes put into the ignition chests;

-     8 cartridge bags, in the cartridge shelves;

-     2 ignition chests, in the right equipment case;

-     1 jack for projectiles and 1 screwdriver, in the left equipment case;

-     4 padlocks.





empty :

585 kg

ammunition :

345 kg

tools :

55 kg

loaded :

985 kg


empty with tools :

880 kg

ammunition :

690 kg

loaded :

1570 kg


empty with tools :

1520 kg

ammunition :

1035 kg

loaded :

2555 kg


on the limber :


on the caisson :