Mine bomb



The cubic-shaped mine bomb had the same appearance and the same structure as the cubic “Macedonia” hand grenade, but with size and weight considerably greater. Actually it was not a true hand grenade, but a charge in a housing. It was not easy to throw, owing to its shape and weight, but could be used as anti-personnel mine.

The construction was simple. The body was built in cast iron and its sides were 112 mm long. It had internal incision to aid the fragmentation. The thickness of the wall was 4 mm. In the upper part of the body there was an opening for the fuze, that was the same fuze N° 8 used in the “Odrin” hand grenade. The charge consisted of 750 g of Balkanit or Bombit. The bombs were stored in wooden boxes holding 12 bombs and 12 fuzes each. In peace they were not charged, but were filled by the troops like the “Odrin” hand grenades.


The mine bombs could be used both separately and joining the charges of 4, 6 or 9 bomb. In the first case the  grenade was supplied with a delay or blasting fuze of the necessary length. The contact mine was a wooden box made by boards 30 mm thick, divided in two partitions, with four holes for the fuzes of the bombs. The bombs, with the fuzes connected to the lower part through the holes, were lodged in the upper part of the box. The lower part of the box was filled up with 1 kg of black powder or smokeless powder, with an electrical fuze inserted. The ignition of the powder caused its explosion, which was expanded by the propagation of the fire to the fuzes of the bombs. Before the placement the contact mine was tarred on all sides to keep the moisture from penetrating into the charge. Contact mines should be placed on a way where the enemy might move on the earth’s surface or in a pit. The undermining could be achieved both by a self-acting fuze and an electrical dynamo.



Technical characteristics

Size of the bomb :

112 mm

Thickness of the wall :

12 mm

Weight of the body with fuze :

3885 g

Weight of the charge :

750 g

Weight of the bomb :

4635  g




Mine bomb with fuze

Contact mine