Krupp 120mm long gun M. 1892






Bulgarian designation :

120-мм дълго нескорострелно оръдие Д-30

Krupp designation :

12cm Festungs-und Belagerungskanone L/30

Calibre :

120mm L/30

Weight of the barrel :

1700 kg

Weight of the breech-block :

100 kg

Weight of the carriage :

1850 kg

Weight in action :

3550 kg

Weight of the platform :

2600 kg

Weight of the limber :

420 kg

Barrel length :

3.600 m

Battering charge :

5.45 kg of prismatic grey powder

of nitroglycerine smokeless powder (D.R.P.)


weight :

20 kg – charge: 1.5 kg of black powder

max. range :

9560 m


weight :

20 kg – 400 bullets x 16 g

max. range :

7825 m

Muzzle velocity :

520 m/s

Remaining velocity :

250 m/s at 9700 m

Elevation :

+ 35° / - 5°

Traversing angle :


Transport :

usually towed by oxen

Ammunition :

carried by an ox-cart with a 500 kg payload : 5 boxes each with 4 shells and battering charges

Remarks :

Slow firing field gun, Broadwell wedge breech mechanism with an expanding steel obturation ring. Even if it was not a true quick-firing gun, a recoil buffer was connected from the platform to the trail and wooden wedges behind the wheels were used for counter-recoil. These wedges both took up the recoil and made the task of manhandling the gun back into position easier. On either side of the carriage there were two small platforms on which the gunners climbed to load and level the gun. These guns were equipped with quadrant level ¼ circle with goniometer graduated in millièmes. Twelve guns were delivered in 1892. In 1911 smokeless powder was introduced.