Krupp 75mm field gun M. 1910













This is a Turkish 75mm field gun Krupp M. 1910 captured by the Australian Light Horse, during the Palestine campaign in 1918. It was restored by the Redcliffs Historical Society in 1987.

The cipher on the barrel is the Coat of Arms of the Ottoman Empire with the Tughra (stylised seal/signature) of Sultan Mehmed V (1909-1918). The gun number is 617, which makes sense only counting up the total number of 75mm guns received by the Turks in the 1905 and 1909 orders (total 648). The build date is 1326 or 1910 in the western calendar. According with the data engraved on the back of the breech the barrel weight was 360 kg.

Information and pictures by courtesy of Charlie Clelland from Australia.