4th Bulgarian Army at Bulair front



4th Army

Commander : MG. Stiliyan Kovachev (from 2nd Trakiyska Division)

Chief of the General Staff : Col. Bozhko Ikonomov (from 4th Preslavska Division)

Chief of the Operations Department : Maj. Hristo Lefterov

Chief of the Operations Section : Cpt. Kosta Dochev

 Chief of the Intelligence-Censorship Section : Cpt. Filip Tzonev (from 3rd Army)

Chief of the Topographical Section : Nikola Donkov (from 2nd Army)

Chief of the Artillery : Col. Hristo Kushev (from 2nd Army)

Chief of the Engineers : Lt.Col. Ivan Vasilev

Chief of the Field Medical Unit : Med.Col. Yokim Tranev (from 4th Preslavska Division)

Chief of the Command of the Rear : Col. Ivan Shishkov

Intendant : Lt.Col. Ivan Valkov (from 2nd Trakiyska Division)

2nd Trakiyska Division

Col. Dimitar Geshov

1st Inf. Brigade : Col. Vladimir Serafimov

         9th Plovdivski IR. (4), 21st Srednogorski IR. (4)

3rd Inf. Brigade : Col. Georgi Mitov

         27th Chepinski IR.(3 ¾), 39th IR. (2 ½)

3rd Art. Rgt. (6 QF Bts.)

2nd div. / 3rd Mnt. Art. Rgt. (2 QF Bts.)

3rd div. / 3rd Mnt. Art. Rgt. (2 QF Bts.)

2nd Pioneers Battalion

            Attached :

1st / 19th and 2nd / 19th Repl. Cp.

7th Rilska Division

MG. Georgi Todorov

1st Inf. Brigade : Col. Todor Mitov

         13th Rilski IR. (4), 22nd Trakiyski IR. (4), 26th Pernishki IR. (4)

3rd Inf. Brigade : MG. Spas Georgiev

         49th IR. (4), 50th IR. (4)

7th Art. Rgt. (9 QF Bts.)

9th not QF Art. Rgt. (5 not QF Bts.)

2nd Mnt. Art. Rgt. (5 QF Bts.)

7th Pioneers Battalion

            Attached :

1st / 5th Cav. Sq.

23rd Opalchenie Bn. At Rodosto

Opalchenie Battalion of the “Slivinitza” Volunteers Command

Cavalry Division

MG. Atanas Nazlamov

1st Cav. Brigade : Col. Petar Salabashev

         1st (4), 2nd (4), 4th (2), 7th (3) Cav. Rgt.

Mixed Cav. Brigade : Col. Aleksandar Tanev

         3rd (4), 6th (3) Cav. Rgt.; 2 Turkish MGs.

2nd / 2nd Inf. Brigade

Col. Ivan Tzekov

28th Stremski IR.(4), 40th IR. (4)

2nd / 3rd Art. div. (3 Bts.)

1st section / 3rd 150mm How. Bty. / Shumenski fortress Bn. (2 howitzers)

Macedono-Odrinsko Opalchenie

MG. Nikola Genev

1st Brigade : Lt.Col. Stefan Nikolov

         1st Debarska, 2nd Skopska, 3rd Solunska, 4th Bitolska Bns.

2nd Brigade : Lt.Col. Anton Pchelarov

         5th Odrinska, 6th Ohriska, 7th Kumanovska, 8th Kosturska Bns.

3rd Brigade : Lt.Col. Aleksandr Protogerov

         9th Veleshka, 10th Prilepska, 11th Serska, 12th Lozengradska Bns.

2nd / 2nd Mnt. Art. div. (4 QF Bts.), 4th / 2nd Mnt. Art. div. (3 not QF Bts.)

            Attached :

half Sq. / 3rd Cav. Rgt.

half Sq. / 6th Cav. Rgt.

Army Troops

9th Cav. Rgt. (3) : Col. Konstantin Mihaylov

4th Army Telegraph Half-company

4th Army Cyclist Unit (detached from 1st Army Cyclist Half-company)

4th Army Engineer Park

Searchlights unit (2 – 60cm searchlights)

3rd Aeroplane Unit : 1 plane, 2 pilots, 2 observers (at Balabanchik)


on 14 March 1913, after the capture of Odrin, 2nd Army sent 2 – 150mm L/30 Krupp guns, 4 – 150mm L/12 Schneider howitzers, 4 – 120mm Schneider QF field howitzers


58 ¾ Battalions, 21 Squadrons, 39 Batteries

1187 officers, 134 clerks, 92 068 men, 25276 horses, 1362 oxen, 2844 wagons and carts, 797 packs

61 885 rifles and sabres, 62 MGs, 172 guns




2nd /7th Infantry Brigade, 14th Makedonski IR. and 7th not QF. Art. Rgt. were in Salonika

27th Chepinski IR. : 1 Cpy. was at Pavlovo

39th IR. : 4th Bn., 1st and 6th Cps. were in Macedonia (Seres – 2 Cps., Drama, Kavala, Buk, Ksanti – 1 Cpy. each)

5th Cav. Rgt. : 2nd and 3rd Sqs. were in Seres