1st Howitzers Regiment




Raised as howitzers cadre battery of 4th Artillery Regiment with Decree N 99/29 December 1910

Raised in September 1912 at the mobilization as 1st QF Howitzers division and 1st not QF Howitzers division

Raised with Decree N 96/31 December 1914 from 1st Howitzers division


Sofia, 1st Military Inspectorate

With Instruction of 1st Sofiyska Division N 57/1915 2nd not QF howitzer division was transferred to Vratza, while 1st QF howitzer division remained at Sofia.




maj. Nikola Kableshkov

lt. col. Georgi Kukureshkov

col. Vasil Barakov


September 1912

13 officers, 708 NCOs and men, 101 riding and 318 draught horses, 72 oxen, 33 carts draught by oxen, 12 Schneider 120mm QF howitzers (1st QF Howitzers division)

October 1915

22 officers, 2 clerks, 1419 NCOs and men, 1039 horses, 140 oxen, 156 carts, 11 Schneider 120mm QF howitzers and 12 Krupp not QF howitzers

Battle Honours

I. War against Turkey 1912-1913


II. Interallied War 1913


III. First World War

October 1915 : attached to 1st Sofiyska Division and deployed at Dragoman