1st Mountain Artillery Regiment




Raised as 1st mountain artillery division with Decree N 1/1st January 1896

Attached to the Mountain Artillery Regiment with Decree N21/15 June 1899

Attached to the Mountain Artillery Brigade with Decree N 85/30 December 1903

Become again independent with Decree N 108/31 December 1908

Raised as 1st mountain artillery regiment with Decree N 99/29 December 1910

Disbanded in September 1915 at the mobilization : the Staff was employed to build 1st Howitzers Regiments, the batteries were assigned to the artillery regiments of 2nd, 6th, 8th and 9th Artillery Brigades






col. Nikola Karastoyanov

col. Mihail Shishkov


October 1912

35 officers, 2 clerks, 3174 NCOs and men, 214 riding, 56 draught and 1612 pack horses, 42 oxen, 28 carts draught by horses and 20 by oxen, 28 Krupp 75mm QF and 18 Schneider 75mm not QF mountain guns

Battle Honours

I. War against Turkey 1912-1913


II. Interallied War 1913