10th Artillery Regiment




Raised as 10th Mixed Artillery Regiment in September 1912 with 3rd division of the 4th Artillery Regiment and 2nd not QF Artillery Regiment and assigned to the 10th Mixed Infantry Division

2nd division assigned to 13th Artillery Regiment in May 1913

Renamed 10th Artillery Regiment with Order on the Field Army N° 330/5 August 1913

Feast day

26 March


Gjumjurdžina, 2nd Military Inspectorate, 10th Belomorska Division




lt. col. Hristo Valchev [from 18.05.1913 colonel]

col. Yerotey Sirmanov


September 1912

36 officers, 1 clerk, 1670 NCOs and men, 272 riding and 977 draught horses, 84 wagons, 58 carts, 12 Schneider 75mm QF guns, 36 Krupp 87mm not QF guns

October 1915


Battle Honours

            I. War against Turkey 1912-1913


            II. Interallied War 1913


            III. First World War

10 September 1915 – 20 August 1916 : defence of the Aegean sea coast attached to the 10th Belomorska Division

17 – 23 August 1916 : took part in the advance towards Kavala and in the occupation of the Eastern Macedonia

1917 – 1918 : attached to the 10th Belomorska Division, fighting in the Sar Shaban sector