13th Artillery Regiment




Raised in May 1913 in Slivnitza as 2nd reserve artillery regiment with five 87mm (from Odrin) and one 75mm (from Shumen) not quick-firing batteries; in June two batteries coming from 1st/10th artillery division were rearmed with 75mm Krupp QF taken from the Turks

Renamed 13th artillery regiment assigned to the 13th Infantry Division

Disbanded in 22 August 1913, its cadre was assigned to 10th artillery regiment

Re-Raised on 12 September 1915 from a nucleus taken from 3rd artillery regiment


1915 : Plovdiv, 2rd Military Inspectorate, 2th Trakiyska Division




lt. col. Ivan Markov

lt. col. Vasil Savov


May 1913

8 Krupp 75mm QF guns (ex Turkish), 18 Krupp 87mm not QF guns and 6 Krupp 75mm not QF guns

September 1915

24 QF guns

Battle Honours

            I. Interallied War 1913


            III. First World War

Attached to 6th Bdinska Division