25th Artillery Regiment




Raised on 8 February 1916 at Karabunar as mixed (сборен) artillery regiment with the 2nd and 3rd battery of the 5th not QF artillery division previously rearmed with 75mm QF field guns Schneider (Serbian), the 2nd artillery division of the 5th artillery regiment, and two 87mm not QF battery of the Shumenski fortress artillery regiment.

Renamed 25th artillery regiment on 30 November 1917 (Active Army Order N° 1174)


02.1916 : Karabunar

10.1918 : Gjumjurdžina



November 1916

col. Petko Valchanov

col. Kiril Nikolov


February 1916

12 – 75mm QF field guns Schneider, 8 – 75mm QF field guns Schneider (Serbian), 12 – 87mm not QF field guns Krupp

Battle Honours

            I. First World War

Attached to the Mixed Division (Сборна дивизия)