3rd Artillery Regiment




3rd His Imperial Highness Crown Prince Boris Artillery Regiment (Decree N° 20/1894)

Feast day

4 July


Raised in December 1885 with Decree N° 61 with men taken from Eastern Rumelia half battery and 4 pdr battery of cpt. Kardzhiev

Attached to the Artillery Brigade in Sofia with Decree N° 176/1886


Plovdiv, 2rd Military Inspectorate, 2th Trakiyska Division










cpt. Petar Tantilov

cpt. Boncho Balabanov [from 1.04 1887 major; from 2.08.1891 lieut. colonel]

maj. Nikola Bakardzhiev [from 1895 lieut. Col; from 1899 colonel]

col. Hirsto Kirkov

lt. col. Konstantin Zhostov [from 4.09.1910 colonel]

col. Stefan Bogdanov

col. Ivan Markov

lt. col. Petar Galunski

lt. col. Georgi Bozhinov


October 1912 :

30 officers, 2 clerks, 1731 NCOs and men, 250 riding, 1174 draught and 100 pack horses, 108 wagons, 57 carts, 36 Schneider 75mm QF guns

Battle Honours

            I. War against Turkey 1912-1913

Attached to 2nd Trakiyska Division : 1st and 2nd division to Haskovo Detachment, 3rd division to Rodopi Detachment

5 – 8 October 1912 : fought at Pchelarovo, Aidorum, Kalaflar

16 – 28 October 1912 : fought in the region of Odrin and Mehonia, at Dervent, Dovlen, Prosechen and Drama

2 – 10 November 1912 : fought at Arnautköj with 10th Mixed Infantry Division (southern sector of the Chataldzha line)

            II. Interallied War 1913

19 – 22 June 1913 : fought south of Shtip

22 – 29 June 1913 : fought at Poveena and Kosenitza

14 – 17 July 1913 : fought at Beyas-Tepe, Zanoga, Leshko, Panoritza and Kavitza

            III. First World War

1 October – 14 November 1915 : 2nd division of the regiment was attached to 1st Cavalry Brigade and 13th and 26th Infantry Regiments of the 7th Rilska Infantry Division and took part in the invasion of southern Serbia

21 – 30 November 1915 : the rest of the regiment was attached to 2nd Trakiyska Division and took part in the military operations against French and British Divisions landed at Salonika, fighting at Zleshevo, Ormanli and Golash

First half of 1916 : took part in the defence of the line west of Doiran, repelling the British attack

16 – 30 August 1916 : attached to 21st and 43rd Infantry Regiments of the 2nd Trakiyska Division, took part in the advance towards Seres, Drama and Kavala and in the occupation of the Eastern Macedonia

second half of 1916 : part of the regiment fought with the 10th Belomorska Infantry Division

1917 : deployed on the line Kala Tepe - Doiran lake, north and south-west of the village of Nikolich and north of the Doiran lake, took part in the defence of this position against enemy’s attacks and aircraft raids

January – 14 September 1918 : stood in the same position

14 – 20 September 1918 : took part in the defence of the Doiran line against another British attack

21 September – 1 October 1918 : assigned to the 9th Plevenska Division took part in the rearguard fighting at Kamila, at Kazal-duan, at the railway station of Dedeli, south of Kosturno Zleshevo, at Chepeli and Kuklesh, and at Ograjdan Dragoleva and Garvanova Planina