3rd Howitzers Regiment




Raised as howitzers cadre battery of 5th Artillery Regiment with Decree N 99/29 December 1910

Raised in September 1912 at the mobilization as 3rd QF Howitzers division and 3rd not QF Howitzers division

Raised with Decree N 96/31 December 1914 from 3rd Howitzers division


Shumen, 3rd Military Inspectorate




maj. Georgi Kasharov

lt. col. Petar Kutinchev

col. Nikola Minkov


September 1912

9 officers, 666 NCOs and men, 101 riding and 410 draught horses, 42 wagons, 36 carts, 12 Schneider 120mm QF howitzers (3rd QF Howitzers division)

October 1915

12 Schneider 120mm QF howitzers and 8 Krupp 120mm not QF howitzers

Battle Honours

I. War against Turkey 1912-1913


II. Interallied War 1913


III. First World War

October 1915 : one division attached to 6th Bdinska Division