5th not QF Artillery Regiment




Raised at Shumen on 17 September 1912 at the mobilization

Disbanded on 1 August 1913 at the end of the Interallied War

Raised as 4th not QF artillery division in September 1915 at the mobilization

Rearmed with 76.2mm QF field guns Putilov (Russian) and become the 3rd artillery division of the 15th artillery regiment on 28 February 1916 (Field Army Order N 227)

Become the 1st artillery division of the 21st artillery regiment (Field Army Order n 185/20 February 1916)


Shumen, 3rd Military Inspectorate, 4th Preslavska Division




lt. col. Dimitar Katzarov


September 1912

13 officers, 2 clerks, 1108 NCOs and men, 175 riding, 645 draught horses, 62 carts, 36 Krupp 87mm not QF guns

September 1915


Battle Honours

I. War against Turkey 1912-1913

Attached to 4th Preslavska Division

II. Interallied War 1913

Attached to 4th Preslavska Division

III. First World War

Attached to 4th Preslavska Division