7th not QF Artillery Regiment




Raised at Samokov on 17 September 1912 at the mobilization

Disbanded on 1 October 1913 at the end of the Interallied War

Raised as 7th not QF artillery division in September 1915 at the mobilization

Disbanded on 15 April 1916 (Field Army Order N 271) the personnel was assigned to the 1st field howitzer battery of the 16th artillery regiment, to the 8th/2nd/21st Skoda mountain artillery battery and to a new 87mm not QF position division of the Shumenski fortress artillery regiment, who received also the guns of the ex-7th not QF artillery division.


Samokov, 1st Military Inspectorate, 7th Rilska Division




lt. col. Ivan Proynov

lt. col. Petko Ivanov


September 1912

20 officers, 2 clerks, 1061 NCOs and men, 180 riding, 596 draught and 160 pack horses, 38 carts, 18 Krupp 75mm not QF guns and 18 Krupp 87mm not QF guns

September 1915

7 officers, 562 NCOs and men, 461 horses, 31 carts, 18 Krupp 87mm not QF guns

Battle Honours

I. War against Turkey 1912-1913

Attached to 7th Rilska Division

II. Interallied War 1913

Disbanded as regiment

1st division attached to Dramska Brigade

2nd division attached to Serska Brigade

III. First World War

Attached to 7th Rilska Division