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The aim of this site is to provide information to the English-speaking community about the history of the Bulgarian artillery, and in general of the Bulgarian Army, till the end of the First World War, collecting and translating information from Western and Eastern sources. My interest is mainly devoted to technical and tactical matters, so you will not find descriptions of battles or military operations, but a lot of data about the materiel and the equipment employed by the Bulgarian Army and the instructions, directions and regulations adopted.

I often use information from Bulgarian sites and literature. Since I'm not a professional interpreter and Iím not a native speaker of English, my apologies in advance for any mistakes you can find in my English.

I'm trying to mention every source I consulted, but it is not easy. I collected my information year after year, and sometimes I did not recorded where I found a note or an image, or simply I lost the reference. As a rule, for any image or translated/quoted article all references are given (see Bibliography). But there are some gaps. If you think that any of the publications on this site breaks your rights, please feel free to contact me.


I began to study the history of the Bulgarian Army when I was a boy after having discovered by chance in my uncleís library a book about the Balkan War written by Corrado Zoli, an Italian journalist, and published in 1912. From then on I combed through every book, which I could find in Western libraries, about the history of the Bulgarian Army, focusing my attention on its artillery. But this project could really start only after that Internet allowed me to consult Bulgarian texts.

Therefore Iím infinitely in debt with a lot of people, that helped me to collect the information that I never could find in a Western library, first of all to the Bulgarian site Форуми Бойна Слава, that not only published a lot of Bulgarian books and articles in its Библиотека, but is also animated by a group of enthusiasts, who were always so free with assistance and advices.

It is almost impossible for me to remember all them, but I cannot mention at least the most important of them : Nikolay Angelov (my first Bulgarian mentor), Dimitar Boykov, Nick Stanev, Albireo, Imperial, Von Danitz, Parabellum and Gollum from Бойна Слава, Stanislav Yordanov from Wikipedia StanProg, Ivica Antic and Bane Stancovic from Serbia, Ralph Lovett, Charlie Clelland, Saskia Bendrich of Historisches Archiv Krupp, Bistra Shokarova of Български книжици, who was always so kind in providing me rare books, Rumen Evtimov of Военно издателство and many many others.


Two little remarks. Unless expressly indicated, all the dates are according the Julian calendar in use in Bulgaria till 1916, when 1 April became 14 April, the difference between the two calendars being thirteen days in 20th Century. Similarly, place names are given according the Bulgarian usage, so Adrianople is Odrin and Kirk Kilisse is Lozengrad. There are only a little number of exceptions, like Istanbul (and not Tzarigrad) and Salonika (and not Solun), Aegean Sea (and not White Sea).


Every suggestion, correction and addition is welcomed! To contact : webmaster@bulgarianartillery.it