The development of the Bulgarian artillery in WW1



According with the official report of the head of the artillery of the General Headquarters of the Field Army, gen. Stefan Slavchev, in October 1915 the Bulgarian artillery had 244 batteries and at the end of the World War, on 15 September 1918, they were 365, with an increase of 50%. In addition, during the war 98 batteries (40% of the batteries existing at the mobilization) were rearmed with more powerful guns :

    all the batteries armed with obsolete Russian guns or mortars M. 1867 were disbanded or rearmed with modern guns;

    most of the 87mm not QF field batteries were rearmed with 75mm QF field guns (usually war trophies) or with 105mm QF field howitzers;

    a great number of mountain batteries, both QF and not QF (25 out of the 44 existing in September 1915), was rearmed with Austrian built Skoda guns, who fired a more powerful shell at a greater range;

    all the 120mm not QF field howitzers and 150mm not QF heavy howitzers batteries and part of the long guns not QF batteries were rearmed with QF materiel.

In particular, in spring 1918, 25 German heavy batteries serving in Macedonia began to give their guns and howitzers to the Bulgarian batteries, but only part of them could be rearmed before the beginning of the final offensive of the Armée d’Orient in September 1918.

In addition on 9 July 1918, 16 platoons of trench artillery with 2 – 53mm Romanian guns were raised and assigned to some Infantry Divisions.


At the end of the war the Direction of the artillery began to compile a detailed list of all the artillery units employed in combat in 1915-18 (Развоя на Българската артилерия през войната 1915 - 1918 г. : ДВИА, Фонд № 40, Инвентарен опис № 2, Архивна единица № 1264), but unfortunately this work was not fully completed and part of the material was not revised and in many cases the date of introduction of a change was omitted. Using this document as starting point and consulting some other sources (regimental histories, the official history of the war and so on), I tried to reconstruct the development of the Bulgaria artillery during the World War.

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