2nd Howitzers Regiment




Raised as howitzers cadre battery of 8th Artillery Regiment with Decree N 99/29 December 1910

Raised in September 1912 at the mobilization as 2nd QF Howitzers division and 4th not QF Howitzers battery

Raised with Decree N 96/31 December 1914 from 2nd Howitzers division


1st QF howitzer division : Stara Zagora, 2nd Military Inspectorate

2nd not QF howitzer division : Sliven, 2nd Military Inspectorate




maj. Vladimir Slavchev

lt. col. Ivan Donkov

col. Vladimir Slavchev


October 1912

12 officers, 793 NCOs and men, 102 riding and 400 draught horses, 24 carts, 12 Schneider 120mm QF howitzers (2nd QF Howitzers division)

October 1915

24 officers, 2 clerks, 1643 NCOs and men, 1185 horses, 566 oxen, 403 carts, 11 Schneider 120mm QF howitzers and 10 Krupp not QF howitzers

The regiment reached its full establishment only after the beginning of the mobilization, on 25 September 1915: at the beginning of September it had a shortage of 184 horses, 384 oxen, 273 carts and 74 packsaddles.

Battle Honours

I. War against Turkey 1912-1913


II. Interallied War 1913


III. First World War

October 1915 :