27th Artillery Regiment




Raised on 16 March 1917 at Skopje as Mountain Artillery division of the Mountain Division

Become on 30 November 1917 the Artillery Regiment of the Mountain Division (Field Army Order 1174), adding the 2nd mountain howitzers division of the 3rd artillery regiment

Renamed 27th artillery regiment at the end of December 1917


03.1917 : Skopje

10.1918 : Kyustendil



col. Iliya Drenski


March 1917

12 75mm not QF mountain guns Krupp

December 1917

6 105mm QF mountain howitzers Rheinmetall, 8 75mm QF mountain guns Skoda and 8 75mm QF mountain guns Krupp

Battle Honours

I. First World War

1 September 1917 31 May 1918 : assigned to the 5th Dunavska Infantry Division, fought south of Huma