Ammunition wagons

Schneider 75mm QF

Krupp and Rheinmetall 75mm QF

Krupp 87mm and 75mm

Russian 4 pdr and 9 pdr

Krupp 120mm howitzer

Schneider 120mm and 150mm QF howitzers

Schneider armoured observatory


Ammunition for Schneider 75mm field gun

Universal shells for quick-firing field guns

Battering charges adopted in 1912-1914

Bulgarian ammunition of World War 1

High explosives

Schneider mechanical fuze-setter

Means of transport

Mountain artillery pack saddle

Krupp 120mm howitzer support wagons

Krupp 87mm field gun support wagons

Steel wheels model Bonagente

Artillery tractor Krupp-Daimler KD I

Sights and optical devices

Sighting methods

Independent line of sight

Schneider field gun sight

Schneider field howitzer sight

Goerz panorama sight

Ghenea pedestal sight

Krupp mountain sight

Souchier prismatic rangefinder

Goerz rangefinder

Goerz battery telescope

Hand grenades

Bulgarian hand grenades



Mine bomb


Slow fire, accelerated fire, quick fire

Gun shield